Community Health

Our community health integrated platform tracks all major national programs for primary health: RMNCH, NCDs, and Communicable Diseases.

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Khushi AI

Our rich data sets have enabled us to build algorithms to deliver on precision public health. We predict high-risk beneficiaries and communities and targeted outreach.

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Maternal and Child Health

CHIP includes a dedicated evidence-based module for the RMNCH continuum of care: family planning, antenatal care, intrapartum care, and child care

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Digital Health Census

CHIP includes a dedicated module for ASHAs to conduct a digital health census of their village, capturing sociodemographic and health factors of each beneficiary at the last mile

Disease Outbreaks

Our COVID-19 tracking module was rapidly scaled across the state to screen 14M beneficiaries and to verify over 3M COVID19 vaccination events.

COVID-19 WhatsApp Chatbot

We developed Rajasthan's COVID-19 Chatbot, to disseminate key details to health workers and to facilitate local deployment of resources to high risk beneficiaries during the lockdown

Janta Clinics

In 2019, Khushi Baby partnered with the Rajasthan Department of Health to build 12 IT-enabled clinics in urban slum areas of Jaipur.

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